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We work with Musicians and Collaborate with Producers, Audio Engineers, and Record Labels all over the world

About Us


We provide you with a conducive space to enhance your inspiration and boost your creativity. Our Studio is equipped to give you a decent sound at the cheapest cost possible. We are experienced in working remotely with musicians that are unable to come to the studio because of distance, to break limitations and make them feel they are seating next to us. We also provide accomodation for musicians coming from afar, making them comfortable and staying creative throughout their session with us.

Every musician deserves a producer who listens, and can understand and interpret the ideas of the musician. We stimulate strength and expression into your song and keep it alive. We preserve the creative ideas in the project while making it better.

We also offer affordable and intensive practical training in Music Production, Creating Beats, Mixing and Mastering Engineering using various Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and Sequencers. We are consistent, reliable, and stand by our commitment to quality.

Our Services

Music Production
We produce all genres of music from Afropop to Amapiano, Trap, Hip-hop, RnB, Reggae, Alternative and Gospel.

Mixing & Mastering
We combine the power of hardwares and softwares technology to stimulate strength and expression into your song while preserving the creative ideas in the project.

Slur Academy
Start your journey to becoming a professional Music Producer, Audio Engineer or both. Get insights on the secrets behind great music by learning about song starters percussion, vocal samples, chord & melody loops amongst many others.
Beat Store
Step into the realm where melodies meet rhythm, and creativity knows no bounds. Our Beat Store is your gateway to a world of sonic inspiration, offering an array of meticulously crafted beats to elevate your musical journey.

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Earn up to 15% when you send a client to Slur Studio, also stand a chance to win our branded T-shirt & Cap when you make it up to Five (5) Clients.
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Want Creative Sample Packs and Presets? try our high quality & well processed packs & presets.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! Our studio is open to all producers & engineers who love to take advantage of our space and devices to produce or record their clients. We allocate sessions for this category at a subsidized price.

  • A session costs 25,000 and lasts for 6 hours. However you can gain up to three (3) free sessions when you purchase any of our Class A-D Slots. Learn more about this offer on our Production & Sessions Page.

  • Producing a song can cost you between N60,000 - N200,000 depending on style and creativity behind the music.

  • Yes! We subsidize the cost for an album containing more than 7 tracks.

  • It's either you collaborate with a studio or purchase basic equipment (Laptop, Audio Interface, Mic, & an Headphone). We will remotely assist you in connecting & configuring your mini-studio which will be used in remotely working with you. Contact us for details.

  • It usually takes between 4 days - 1 week depending on the complexity of the project & quality of production, we might need more time to fix some production issues.

  • No, we don't run promotions. Nevertheless, we sometimes feature artists on our social media pages extracted from their studio moments.

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Head Office:

5, Odebiyi Street, Haruna, along College Road, Ogba, Lagos.


+234-706 051 8866

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