Cost of getting a song ready for streaming is N150,000. It covers Digital Beat, Recording, Mixing & Mastering. Infusion of live instruments such as Live-Guitar, Bass-Guitar, Saxophone, Live Drums or other live percussion will attract additional charges.
When you come with a beat, we'll drop the cost down to N70,000 per song. We subsidize the cost for an album containing more than 7 tracks.
Session simply means "Studio Time". Studio Time is often purchased for projects like jingle, analogue song recording, quick voice-over projects, or a producer/engineer wanting to rent the studio for clients' projects. Our Recording Session is 6 Hours. You can choose to bring in your producer/engineer or work with us.

1 Session (6 Hours) = N35,000

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Class A Slot:

Contains 4 Sessions (24Hours) Expires in 2 Months No extra charges = N97,500
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Class B Slot:

Contains 8 Sessions (48 Hours) You gain extra 1 free sessions Expires in 5 Months No extra charges = N185,000
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Class C Slot:

Contains 13 Sessions (78 Hours) You gain extra 2 free sessions Expires in 8 Months No extra charges = N285,000
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Contains 20 Sessions (120 Hours) You gain extra 3 free sessions Expires in 10 Months No extra charges = N435,000
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